Modern Android App Development using Kotlin, Jetpack Compose, Jetpack Navigation, Navigation Graph, MVVM, Coroutines, Unit Testing cover

Modern Android App Development using Kotlin, Jetpack Compose, Jetpack Navigation, Navigation Graph, MVVM, Coroutines, Unit Testing

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Instructor: Expert WsCube Tech Team

Language: Bilingual (Hindi + English)

Validity Period: Lifetime

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About the Course

We built this curriculum for aspiring Android developers who are new to programming to ensure that you get the real-world skills you need to know how to build and accelerate your journey towards becoming a professional Android Developer.

By the end of the course, you’ll know how to publish your own app to the Google Play Store, where you can reach and engage users across the globe.


Prerequisites and Requirements 

Entering students should be motivated to learn and be comfortable with basic computer skills like managing files, navigating the Internet and running programs.

We will use Android Studio to build our apps, so you should have access to a computer that can run Android Studio in order to follow along. Don’t worry, you do not need to install Android Studio in advance -- we will provide detailed installation instructions as part of the course.

Your ENTHUSIASM to learn the world's No 1 app development framework.


  • Build beautiful UIs with Jetpack Compose
  • Modern Declarative way of creating UI in Android
  • Compose with other Jetpack libraries: MVVM(ViewModel), Navigation, LiveData, DataBinding
  • How to use Compose with other popular libraries: Coroutines, Retrofit
  • How to integrate Compose in a MVVM architecture
  • Tip Calculator
  • Words App
  • Guess the Word
  • Dice Roller
  • Building a Notes App (using Room Library)
  • Music Player and more


What you'll learn ?

  • You can build any Android app you can think of. No matter if it is an idea that you or your friends have, or if it is a contract job that you need to develop.
  • You'll be able to apply for Android app development roles.
  • You'll be able to work as an Android freelancer and work from anywere in the world.
  • Publish your apps on Google Play and generate revenue with Google Pay and Google Ads
  • You'll be able to develop cloud apps using Google Firebase
  • You will be very confident using Kotlin and programming in general


What will you get ? 

  • Total 140+ Sessions in this course
  • 40+ Theory Sessions and 100+ Practical Sessions
  • Total Hours :- 45+
  • High quality & High definition 1080p video content
  • Top MCQ Questions with explanation:- 100
  • Topic wise Quiz with Solution :- 100+
  • Top 50 interview questions
  • Building 10 Apps
  • Videos explain everything in minute details
  • Delivery of all sessions by Expert Faculty
  • Use the source code examples to learn step-by-step


Why take this Course ? 

  • 45+ Hours of Class
  • Total 200+ Top rated MCQ’s
  • Interview Preparation
  • Top Quality test after every session
  • Highly Experience Faculty for this course
  • Accessible on Mobile Phone

Who this course is for ? 

  • This course is perfect for absolute beginners with no previous programming experience.
  • Existing Android Java Programmers who want to transition to Kotlin for Android app development.
  • However, if you’re already an expert Android Kotlin programmer with knowledge of all the latest updates, then this course is not for you.
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