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Learn how we strategized our YouTube channel's skyrocketing success from 50k to over 3M subscribers in just 30 months. Fuel your Youtube Game with our Secret Sauce.

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18 Modules

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This Course Includes

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Why YouTube Creator’s Course?

Reach 1M Subscribers Organically

By consistently following the strategies covered in our course, you can achieve 1 Million subscribers within a couple of years.

Earn more than $100
Per Day

On average, a channel with 1M subscribers can earn a minimum of $100 per day. Learn plenty of strategies to earn even more.

3X Video Views in 30

Learn how to multiply your video views within just 30 days using effective content optimization and promotion techniques covered in the course.

Make Your Hobby An Income Source

Easy-to-understand tutorials and steps on how you can turn your passion or hobby into an income source with YouTube.

100% More Clicks on Thumbnails

Achieve a 100% increase in your video click-through rates by mastering the psychology behind thumbnail designs.

Secret Tricks to 5x
YouTube Earnings

Learn little-known tricks to significantly increase your YouTube revenue. Also, know strategies to earn from even a non-monetized channel.

00 hours : 22 minutes : 17 secs

Who Can Apply For the Course?


Aspiring & Struggling YouTubers

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    Grow as a YouTube Influencer.
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    Master YouTube Monetization.
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    Build a YouTube Business Empire

Side Hustlers & Entrepreneurs

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    Boost Business with Video Marketing.
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    Unveil YouTube Success Secrets.
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    Establish Web Authority and Credibility.

Content Creator

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    Expand Influence with Omni-Channel Strategy.
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    Initiate Your YouTube Video Journey.
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    Cultivate a Devoted YouTube Following.

Content Marketers

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    YouTube mastery for content marketers!
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    Tailored for video excellence in content.
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    Elevate as a YouTube-savvy marketer!
00 hours : 22 minutes : 17 secs

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Get Certified

Industry-Recognized Credential

Earn a prestigious certificate and show your mastery in YouTube to potential clients and employers.

Enhance Your Professional Profile

Enhance your resume & LinkedIn profile, show your skills and expertise in YouTube marketing.

Proof of Expertise

This certificate proves your skills in YouTube strategy, SEO, and analytics, setting you apart from the crowd.

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Course Modules

Module 1
Course Introduction & Overview

  • Welcome!
  • Top YouTube Strategy that we follow in this course!

  • Choose Niche/Genre for your channel
  • YouTube Channel Overview
  • YouTube Studio Overview
  • Identify Your Target Audience
  • Setting up a Channel
  • Module 1 - Summary
  • Cheatsheet - Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Assignment - Launch Your YouTube Channel
  • Quiz 01

  • YouTube Algorithm
  • How does YouTube Recommend Your Videos
  • How People find your videos?
  • Module 2 - Summary
  • Cheatsheet - YouTube Funnel
  • Quiz 02

  • TubeBuddy Tool
  • VidIQ Tool
  • Canva
  • Module 3 - Summary
  • Quiz 03

  • YouTube Channel Customization
  • Youtube Channel Setting
  • How to decide your Channel Name?
  • Channel Logo Creation
  • Channel Art
  • Module 4 - Summary
  • Cheatsheet - YouTube Artwork Size Guidelines
  • Assignment - Customization
  • Quiz 04

  • Find Your Competitors
  • Social Blade Analysis
  • Module 5 - Summary
  • Assignment - Competitor Analysis
  • Quiz 05

  • Short tail and Long tail Keywords
  • How to check Volumne and Competition of Keywords?
  • Module 6 - Summary
  • Assignment - Keyword Research
  • Quiz 06

  • GoogleTrends
  • YouTube Trending Topics
  • Assignment - Topic Research
  • Quiz 07

  • How to write Video Title?
  • Title Exercise
  • How to write Video Description?
  • Description Exercise
  • Tags to be tagged in Video
  • Tagging Exercise
  • Time Stamps
  • Playlist Optimisation
  • Module 8 - Summary
  • CheatSheet - 12 Tips to Boost YouTube Algorithm Performance
  • Assignment - YouTube SEO
  • Quiz 08

  • How to start and end your video?
  • Video Dimension and Size
  • Module 9 - Summary
  • YouTube Video Editing Guide
  • Assignment - Record Your First Video
  • Quiz 09

  • Retain your Audience with End Screen
  • Add i button/Video Cards to Your Videos
  • Everything about YouTube Subtitles
  • Module 10 - Summary
  • Quiz 10

  • What to write on Thumbnails?
  • Create Impressive Thumbnails
  • Module 11 - Summary
  • Assignment - Thumbnail Design
  • Quiz 11

  • Subscribers Strategy
  • Subscribers Strategy (Cross Platform)
  • Subscribers Strategy (Content)
  • Subscribers Strategy (WsCube Tech Secret)
  • 4000 Watch Hours Strategy
  • How to Get more Thumbs Up and Comments?
  • Module 12 - Summary
  • Cheatsheet - YouTube Metrics
  • Quiz 12

  • YouTube Monetisation Eligibility
  • Steps after completion of eligibilty
  • How to earn money after monetisation?
  • Sell your merchandise to your fans
  • YouTube Membership
  • SuperMoney with YouTube Supers
  • Module 13 - Summary
  • Quiz 13

  • All About Podcast!
  • Podcast Playlist Optimization
  • Assignment - YouTube Shorts
  • Module 14 - Summary
  • Quiz 14

  • All about Podcast!
  • Podcast playlist optimsation
  • Top YouTube Podcast Topics
  • Module 15 - Summary
  • Reading - India's Top Podcast Topics

  • How can you get Live?
  • Live Streaming
  • Module 16 - Summary
  • Quiz 16

  • How to start with analytics?
  • Views, WatchTime, Subscribers. What matters?
  • How your audience is reaching you?
  • Module 17 - Summary
  • YouTube Checklist
  • Quiz 17

  • Scripting with ChatGPT
  • Content Planning
  • Youtube SEO using ChatGPT
  • Module 18 - Summary
  • Quiz 18

  • Thank you!
00 hours : 22 minutes : 17 secs

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    The course is self-paced, but typically it takes about 10+ hours to complete all the modules. However, you can take as much time as you need.

    No prior experience is necessary. Our course is structured to help beginners start from scratch and also assists intermediate creators in enhancing their skills.

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