Mobile Hacking for Beginners Course

This Course Includes

Explore Android architecture and APK basics, dive into virtualization with Genemotion and Virtual Box, and grasp hacking techniques with MobSF. Master APK analysis, server setup, and security countermeasures, then delve into advanced topics like reverse engineering and Mod APK creation for robust mobile security skills.




Professional Certificate

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7+ Hours of Content


8 Modules

Why Mobile Hacking Course ?

Secure high-demand career opportunities with the Mobile Hacking Certification Course. Acquire essential skills to protect mobile devices and master cutting-edge hacking techniques.

Decode Android Essentials

Explore Android and APK essentials, dive into architecture, components, and file system intricacies, and grasp APK types, construction, and key components swiftly and effectively.

Lab Setup and Virtualization

Understand virtualization, its importance, and set up Android and Kali on Windows using VirtualBox. Install tools like bytecode-viewer and MobSF, and configure APK server.

Mastering Mobile Security

Explore mobile attack vectors, vulnerabilities, and the OWASP Top 10 Mobile Risks. Learn network scanning, DoS attacks, and using key security tools like Tor, Google Dashboard, and MVT.

Android App Hacking

Dive into Android app hacking basics with MobSF, accessing APK source code, and tackling development errors. Explore password hacking and login bypass for enhanced app security.

Debugging and Data Backup

Master APK debugging, data backup, and preventing user data leakage. Learn reverse engineering and creating Mod APKs for advanced app manipulation.

Career Roadmap & Interview Prep

Understand interview structures and diverse roles, optimize your LinkedIn for cybersecurity, and explore career roadmaps for professional growth in the field.


00 hours : 22 minutes : 03 secs

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Grab the spotlight by getting Certified!

Elevate your career prospects and stand out in the competitive job market with our industry-recognized certification.

Industry-Recognized Credential

Earn a prestigious certificate and show your mastery in mobile security to potential clients and employers.

Proof of Expertise

This certificate proves your skills in mobile security, hacking techniques, vulnerability setting you apart from the crowd.

Enhance Your Professional Profile

Enhance your resume & LinkedIn profile, show your skills and expertise in Mobile Security.

Enhance Your Professional Profile

Enhance your resume & LinkedIn profile, show your skills and expertise in Mobile Security.

Our Learners Work at Global Companies & Startups

Course Modules

Get a comprehensive curriculum with this course, complete with cheat sheets, quizzes, hands-on tricks, career guidance, and interview preparation.

Module 2

  • Introduction to Android and Android APK
  • Understanding the Architecture of Android
  • All about APK

Module 3

  • Lab Overview
  • Explain Virtualization Why Virtualization?
  • Installing Android in Windows Host (VM- Genemotion)
  • Installing Kali in Windows Host (VM-Virtual Box)
  • Installing bytecode-viewer
  • Installing MobSF
  • Intro to Target APK
  • APK Server and adb setup

Module 4

  • Mobile Attack Vectors
  • Mobile Spyware
  • Mobile Security Guidelines and Tools

Module 5

  • Introduction to Android App Hacking
  • Hacking using MobSF
  • Access APK Source Code
  • APK Development Errors
  • Password Hacking
  • Login Bypass

Module 6

  • APK Debugging
  • App Data Backup
  • User Data Leakage
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Creating Mod APK

Module 7

  • Interview Structure
  • Profiling
  • Career Roadmap

Module 8

  • Hacking iOS (Teaser)


00 hours : 22 minutes : 03 secs


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WsCube Tech’s Mobile Hacking course offers a thorough exploration of mobile security vulnerabilities and hacking methods. You'll gain hands-on experience with essential tools and technologies to safeguard mobile devices from threats, while building a solid foundation in mobile security infrastructure.

In today's digital age, mobile devices are integral to our personal and professional lives, making it vital to safeguard against potential threats. WsCube Tech's Mobile Hacking course equips you with the essential knowledge, resources, and methodologies to effectively protect mobile devices.

After completing 70% of the course and assigned tasks, you will receive a certification acknowledging your new skills and knowledge.

This course is self-paced, allowing you to learn at your own convenience. Most learners complete it within a few weeks, depending on their dedication and prior knowledge.

This course is ideal for beginners interested in mobile security, IT professionals seeking to expand their skill set, and anyone passionate about protecting mobile devices from threats. No prior hacking experience is required.

No, your enrollment fee covers all course materials. There are no additional charges for accessing any part of the course.

No. You get lifetime access to the course materials once you enroll, including any future updates to the course.

Once you complete your purchase, you will receive instant access to the course. With all the course materials readily available, you can start learning immediately.

Click the Join Now button and follow the prompts to enroll. You may need to provide payment information and complete all details.

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