Data Structures and Algorithms with JAVA
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Data Structures and Algorithms using JAVA cover

Data Structures and Algorithms using JAVA

Prerequisites for this Course

  • Basic Knowledge of Computer
  • Access to Smart Phone / Computer
  • Good Internet Speed (Wifi/3G/4G)
  • Good Quality Earphones / Speakers
  • Basic Understanding of English & Hindi
  • Knowledge of JAVA programming language

Instructor: Expert WsCube Tech Team

Language: Bilingual (Hindi + English)

Validity Period: Lifetime

₹3999 75% OFF

₹999 including 18% GST

About the Course

Algorithms and Data Structure are two of the most fundamentals and important topics from Computer Science which is used everywhere in software development. DSA helps to crack coding interviews of top companies like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Face book, and Apple so consideration on this scenario, DSA using JAVA course has been designed by WsCube Tech. The course focuses on depth learning on each and every topic of DSA and implements all data structures using JAVA programming language. The course has been designed by experts keeping in mind that all topics must be explained in detailed way and simple way. The expert will provide you with the right guidance and strategies to learn Data structure concepts with the help of JAVA Programming Language.

What will you get?

  • Total 100+ Sessions in this course
  • 40+ Theory Sessions and 80+ Practical Sessions
  • Total Hours :- 21+
  • Top MCQ Questions with explanation:- 100
  • Topic wise Quiz with Solution :- 100+
  • Top 50 interview questions
  • Helping to build a Mini Project
  • Videos explain everything in minute details
  • Delivery of all sessions by Expert Faculty
  • Use the source code examples to learn step-by-step

Why take this Course?

  • 21+ Hours of Class
  • Total 200+ Top rated MCQ’s
  • Interview Preparation
  • Top Quality test after every session
  • Highly Experience Faculty for this course
  • Accessible on Mobile Phone 

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    It is a self-paced course that offers a flexible and convenient way to gain new skills and knowledge to help you advance your career. 
    With no set schedules or deadlines, you can learn at your own pace and on your own terms. 

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